Professional Brake Caliper Painting & Custom Decal Installation Services - (Irvine)

Posted on: 01/01/18


Give your Brakes a Facelift with our Custom Brake Caliper Painting and Decal installation Services. When it comes to cars and trucks, it's the smaller details that have the greatest impact, and this couldn't be more true when it comes to painting the brake calipers on your vehicle. Rusty or dull looking brakes, can bring down the look of an entire vehicle, and we know that painting your calipers can be a tedious and detailed job that can result in frustration if you try to do it yourself. Do you really know what you are doing, or have the time? Leave it to the professionals, and contact AFX CUSTOMS to give your brakes a facelift that will greatly enhance the appearance of your vehicle and give your car or truck a customized look with our caliper painting services. Custom Caliper Decals Available for Installation upon Request (Brembo, AMG, S-line, Etc.) Benefits of caliper painting: - Protection against corrosion - A great look that will pop under your rims - Mistake free painting - The use of high quality caliper paint*ADDITIONAL SERVICES OFFERED* - HEADLIGHT & TAIL LIGHT TINTING (PPG TRANSLUCENT PAINT OR VINYL FILM OVERLAYS AVAILABLE) - TINT/SMOKE ANY SIDE MARKERS, BUMPER LIGHTS, AND/OR REFLECTORS TO BLEND WITH THE TAILLIGHTS AND GIVE YOUR VEHICLE A MORE UNIFORM AND COMPLETE LOOK. - TINT/SMOKE FOG LIGHTS (VARIOUS COLOR OPTIONS AVAILABLE) - HID HEADLIGHT CONVERSION KIT INSTALLATION (ALL BULB SIZES & COLORS AVAILABLE) * WARRANTY ON ALL HID KITS & LIGHTING SYSTEMS* - HEADLIGHT RESTORATION (RESTORE OXIDIZED, CLOUDY, SUN DAMAGED HEADLIGHTS TO A NEW CRYSTAL CLEAR APPEARANCE) - LED BULB REPLACEMENT FOR INTERIOR & EXTERIOR LIGHTING (ALL BULB TYPES & COLORS AVAILABLE)* DISCOUNTED PRICING ON COMPLETE LED CONVERSION PACKAGE FOR ALL INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR LED BULBS* - FULL VEHICLE PLASTI DIP INSTALLATIONS (ALL PERFORMIX BRAND COLOR OPTIONS AVAILABLE) - PLASTI DIP CUSTOM PAINT INSTALLATIONS (GRILLES, BUMPERS, EMBLEMS/DECALS, WINDOW TRIM, ANY EXTERIOR CHROME FEATURES) - PLASTI DIP REPAIR SERVICES (RESTORE SCRATCHES, TARES, OR ANY DAMAGE TO DIP ON VEHICLE) - CUSTOM WHEEL/RIM PAINTING (HIGH GLOSS OR MATTE FINISH AVAILABLE) - WHEEL/RIM RESTORATION (CURB-RASH, SURFACE PITTING, CHIPPED PAINT, SCRATCHES, etc.) - BRAKE CALIPER CUSTOM PAINTING (ALL COLORS AVAILABLE) - AFTERMARKET BRAKE CALIPER DECAL INSTALLATION - DEBADGE & DECAL REMOVAL - VINYL WRAPPING - AUTO DETAILING (PAINT RESTORATION, CLAY BAR, COLOR SANDING, SCRATCH & DING REMOVAL) TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT AND/OR FOR PRICING & SERVICE INQUIRIES CONTACT: TYLER 949-244-1701 (CALL OR TEXT)

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