Feeling BLUE? Got The COLD/FLU? Get TREATMENT and Earn UP To $800 - $800 (Irvine)

Posted on: 11/27/17



MARVEL CLINICAL RESEARCH is currently conducting a PAID Clinical Study for participants suffering with COLD OR FLU. GUARANTEED TREATMENT!!! Do you currently have the following symptoms: (must have at least one in each category) A. Oral temperature between 37.3-39.3 (99.1-102.8°F) B. Nasal congestion, Sore throat, Cough C. Aches/pains Fatigue Headache Chills/sweatsAll qualified participants will receive study related medical care, medication and labs at NO COST by our Physician and Medications along with MONETARY Compensation for your time and travel UP TO $800!! No Insurance needed!! For additional information please call 714-375-5970 or visit our web site at WWW.MARVELCLINICAL.COM for additional studies and information, click the button to apply! Check out some of our other studies! *Skin Abscess *Skin Infection *Headache/Migraines *Osteoarthritis of the knee/hip *Opioid Induced ConstipationFree Doctor Visits Free Medication Free No insurance required, space is limited! Medical research depends on volunteers to help develop new cutting edge medicines. These medicines help people in their everyday lives. MARVEL CLINICAL RESEARCH Advancing Medicine Through Research! Call 714-375-5970 or visit our website WWW.MARVELCLINICAL.COM

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