All-around pianist for recitals auditions concerts rehearsals more LA OC IE - (Irvine)

Posted on: 12/14/17


Hi, I'm Joshua Chandra, a CSU Fullerton piano graduate. I accompany for a wide range of events: - Luncheons and dinners (as background music, being in the limelight, and leading group singalongs) - Weddings (I've played for several weddings and can furnish any music requested) - Funerals (I've played for multiple funerals/memorials for families of varying religious beliefs) - Recitals (experience with brass, woodwinds, strings, vocalists, and more) - Concerts (I've played in 3 piano trios, and with chamber ensembles here and orchestras abroad) - Ballets (long-term experience with The Nutcracker) - Rehearsals, auditions and recording sessions (I also have basic recording equipment and media-editing software) I also coach and teach piano, music theory/general music appreciation, and more. Some of my music is here: My music online is mostly solo piano, so I can give references from musicians who have worked with me; let me know what you'd like! I can sight-read any sheet music that you have, whether clef-&-staff notation or lead sheets/chords. I can arrange music for different ensembles, or transcribe audio into sheet music by ear via perfect pitch. I am primarily classically trained, but also have experience with jazz (Gershwin), gospel, pop, and a bit of rag (Joplin). Over the past four years, I was the pianist and organist for two churches throughout LA County, where I sight-read weekly hymns while improvising and transposing on them (I can sing while playing as well). I am online at and Please reach me directly through my business card's contact details. Thanks, and have a great day!

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