Small Group Photo Workshop- Master the Manual Mode - ISO Shutter Speed & Aperture on your DSLR - (Irvine)

Posted on: 11/30/17

Description class taught by a CA Credentialed Instructor & Pro Photographer) "MASTER THE MANUAL MODE" Prerequisites: My Beginner Class and / or basic knowledge of your DSLR or mirrorless digital camera (contact me to see if you're a "fit" OR if it would be better to take a beginner OR intermediate DSLR photo class!) When? Check calendar for the next classes (& all workshops available)! Where? Orange County, CA ** (other locations available!) Time? 3 1/2 hours!How many will be there? MAX. LIMIT is 7 (minimum is 4) What will I cover? This affordable photo workshop is designed for you to learn MORE about your cameras metering system to make certain you get properly exposed images quickly & accurately. Demonstrations will be given & a lot practice taking photos for each technique covered. More information here -> ** This affordable photography class will be held at a LARGE, beautiful park with a MANY LARGE trees (that provide shade!), great scenery, small lakes with ducks & geese, squirrels, picturesque bridges and pathways,etc... The main emphasis of the class will be to Learn MORE about your camera by learning depth of field, shooting moving objects, along with landscapes, skyscapes & countryside-type imagery (+ taking outdoor "portrait" photos will be demonstrated as well). YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO USE THE MANUAL MODE IN THIS CLASS! AND you will be meeting other great Southern California shooters!! Kevin Brian Toohey Photographyhttp://LearnYourCamera.com

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