Small Group Intermediate Photo Workshop- "Get the correct settings on your DSLR - (Irvine)

Posted on: 11/05/17

Description (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Photo Classes taught by a CA Credentialed Instructor & Pro Photographer)"MASTER THE MANUAL MODE" (Get the correct settings & get OFF of Auto!) Prerequisites: My Beginner DSLR / Mirrorless Digital Camera Class and / or a basic knowledge of your camera (inquire!) When? Every 4-8 weeks (Calendar has specific dates) Where? Anaheim Hills area, CA ** Time? Check Calendar! 3 1/2+ hours! How many will be there? MAX. LIMIT is 7 (minimum is 4) Cost? Check my website What will I cover?This workshop is designed for you to learn MORE about your cameras metering system to make certain you get properly exposed images quickly & accurately. Demonstrations will be given & a lot practice taking photos for each technique covered. •Reviewing the exposure triangle & your metering choices •Review the Q & A's of using the "P", "Tv"/"S", and "AV"/ "A" modes and Exposure Compensation. •"Assignments" along the way to help you capture challenging subject matter •THOROUGH "step by step" learning of how to shoot in the manual mode & making metering adjustments FAST (while photographing moving objects/ scenery/ low light/ sunny/ etc...) •Tips & practice shooting in lower light to NOT get blurry pictures! •Review of the settings on your camera to help you manage white balance, color tone & intensity •Basic tips on focusing (recomposing, adjusting focusing points, etc.)~ Steps taken to take a simple, yet beautiful portrait •AND more; as the questions can lead to a LOT more fun stuff! ** This mini - workshop will be held at a LARGE, beautiful park with a MANY LARGE trees (that provide shade!), great scenery, small lakes with ducks & geese, squirrels, picturesque bridges and pathways,etc...The main emphasis of the class will be to Learn MORE about your camera by shooting moving objects, along with landscapes, skyscapes & countryside-type imagery (+ taking outdoor "portrait" photos will be demonstrated as well). AND you will be meeting other great shooters!! Kevin Brian Toohey Photographyhttp://LearnYourCamera.com

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